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Prof. Dr. Edward G. Krubasik Porträt schmal

Europe & Germany: Lead-Markets for New TechnologY

Prof. Edward G. Krubasik for many years has emphasized ways to take advantage of globalization as an opportunity – for Europe and Germany, for industrialized countries and for developing countries. With economic policy initiatives and his contributions to policy councils he is aiming at Europe and Germany to cope with international challenges.

His Approach: To make Europe a Lead-market for New Technologies. Translate research result more effectively into broad application of new technologies, develop lead-markets and lead-customers with smart investment policies and stimulate entrepreneurship with attractive political regulation. Competitiveness to be achieved through intense competition in all sectors in an open, unified European market.

The Objective: More Growth, Value Add and Jobs for Europe and Germany.

These ideas are shown in a series of publications, policy papers and speeches in the next pages.