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Prof. Dr. Edward G. Krubasik Porträt schmal

Prof. Edward G. Krubasik

Expert in Technology-based Industries

His studies in physics and PhD in nuclear physics as well as an MBA education at INSEAD influenced strongly the professional development of Prof. Edward G. Krubasik. Logical, independent problem solving and looking for sustainable practical impact has always characterized his work.

With this attitude and his technology focus Edward Krubasik helped many industrial companies in the High-Tech sector in projects with McKinsey & Company, in the USA and in Europe. As Principal and Director, he built the a practice for Innovation and Technology Management in Germany and in Europe and later served as the global leader of this practice and of the European Electronics & Aerospace sector.

After 23 years with McKinsey, a new challenge developed: The Supervisory Board of Siemens AG elected Edward Krubasik 1996 member of the company’s Central Executive Board – in 25 years the first external nomination to the top leadership team of this global technology concern. He was assigned the responsibility for Corporate Technology and the three Industry Groups.

Edward Krubasik was in charge of the turn-around of the Engineering division and the formation of the most successful industrial division Automation & Drives. After positive development of the Industry Sector, Edward Krubasik was in addition assigned the turn-around of the Transportation Systems Group and the reorganization of the Siemens Automotive Electronics Group with the Acquisition of VDO.

Turn-around management and the integration of acquisitions characterized the work of Edward Krubasik at Siemens often in the role of active chairman of independent Siemens shareholding companies: Part of this was the successful integration and restructuring of groups newly formed from acquisitions like Siemens Building Technologies AG, Siemens Dematic AG and Siemens VDO Automotive Electronics AG. Expansion in Europe, USA and Asia was always part of the value creation strategies for these businesses.

As chairman of Siemens France SA, Siemens Belgium SA and board member in Scandinavian Siemens companies Edward Krubasik supported this internationalization drive.

Edward Krubasik has been asked to serve on Supervisory Boards and Corporate Councils of a range of companies in Germany, France, USA and Japan. In many cases Edward Krubasik could contribute to a positive development of these companies through strategies for continuous productivity improvement and international growth, supported by innovation and acquisitions.

In parallel to focusing on corporate innovation and growth, Edward Krubasik continued to be involved in economic policy programs for Germany and Europe: Via McKinsey projects for the German Monopoly Commission and later as Siemens Executive Board member through engagement in industrial associations and political councils.

As President of the Association of German Electrical and Electronics Industries (ZVEI), President of the European Engineering Industry Association in Brussels (ORGALIME), Chairman of the Innovation and Growth Commission of the German Economic Council, member of the German Sustainability Council or as member of the Steering Committee of the World Investment Conference – Edward Krubasik always engaged for political frameworks and regulations which could stimulate innovation, investment, competitiveness and growth in Europe and Germany.

Innovation and growth continue to keep Edward Krubasik involved much beyond his active time at Siemens AG. Today he is engaged in the Bavarian Economic Council (Wirtschaftsbeirat Bayern), he passes on his knowledge to board members in the International Directors Program at INSEAD, and to master students at the Technical University (Technische Universität) Munich and Singapur, and at the Tongji- and Fudan University Shanghai.

As head (2004–2017) and member of the music board within the cultural circle of the German Economy at BDI, Edward Krubasik engages support of young artists in music competetions and performances.

Back to physics – Edward Krubasik was elected Designated President of the German Physics Society in 2013 and was president and vice president from April 2014 to 2018.

Since 2018 he is engaged in the development of Europe's largest Research Center for Robotics and Machine Intelligence at the Technical University Munich – the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence.

Furthermore he has been elected by the Oxford Creative Destruction Labatory as mentor for European start-ups working in the field of artificial intelligence.