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Prof. Dr. Edward G. Krubasik Porträt schmal

„Innovations drive our standard of living. Innovation is far more than a good idea: Technology development and finally commercial success are just as important to make innovation. Innovation needs the creative technical mind and entrepreneurial risk taking, customers in lively technological competition and investment friendly market conditions.“

Physicist and researcher in Karlsruhe and Stanford, partner at McKinsey & Co., expert in technology-based companies, Member of the Central Executive Board of Siemens AG and President of ZVEI and Orgalime – the Electrical and Engineering Industry Associations of Germany and Europe:

Prof. Dr. Edward G. Krubasik has experienced and formed the high-tech sector in the past decades from many perspectives. Today Edward Krubasik shares his experience as corporate board member, university lecturer and counselling in many bodies - always dealing with the question “How can research, politics and enterprises generate productivity and growth via innovation to make Europe and Germany advance in international competition”.

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