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Prof. Dr. Edward G. Krubasik Porträt schmal

EU Program for Growth and Jobs

Historical dominance of science by European institutions is long over, yet our position in spend- ing on R&D and related impact puts Europe in a strong second position af- ter USA. But is Europe really living up to the competitiveness challenge and making the best of these investments?

„Next Generation EU Program“
Paper with proposals submitted to the EU-commission and the European Parlament for discussion
6 Seite, 150 KB (engl.)
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“Robotic, autonomous machines, Artificial Intelligence”
(„Robotik, Autonome Maschinen, Künstliche Intelligenz“)
Using future trends by anticipatory politics
2 pages, 107 KB
in German language only

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„Strengthening Europe’s competitiveness by more cooperation in science and education“
Opinion in EPN europhysicsnews 46/3
1 page, 650 KB
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An assessment of the implementation status of the Lisbon-Agenda of the EU leads Edward Krubasik to formulate five key requirements how to stimulate Growth and Employment in the EU.

„Acting in a Globalised World“
Inaugural speech as ORGALIME-President
11 pages, 50 KB
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Under the leadership of EU Commission Vice-President Verheugen and Edward Krubasik as ORGALIME President a joint Taskforce of Industry and EU-Commission “Electra” was initiated to formulate an action program to stimulate significant growth in the Electronics and Electrical Industry sector in Europe..

“Twenty Solutions for growth and investment to 2020 and beyond”
Electra Report
38 pages, 2,4 MB
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Addressing the economic problems resulting from the Euro currency and debt crisis Edward Krubasik adapts his propositions for competitiveness and restructuring of corporations to macroeconomic restructuring. He argues for a priority of deleveraging the private sector and consolidation of state budgets combined with a smart European growth program including deregulation, private investments in infrastructure and investment stimulation in all European countries.

“Economically thinking”
Public Service Review – European Science and Technology, Issue 16
4 pages, 350 KB
click to read/download .pdf - by Prof. Edward G. Krubasik Science and Technology, Ausgabe 16, v. Prof. Edward G. Krubasik zu lesen bzw. downzuloaden
“Time to talk about Smart Growth and Restructuring”
19 pages, 280 KB
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Edward Krubasik analyses the requirements resulting from globalization and derives specific needs for politics and enterprises to build on European technology and productivity strengths for further competitiveness and growth.

„Standortpflege der Politik und Standortpolitik der Unternehmen“ – “Enhancing the attractiveness of investment locations and the competitiveness of enterprises”
Article/Booklet, about consequences of globalisation for corporations and politics (Volume 76, published in German by Walter-Raymond foundation)
13 pages, 700 KB
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